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Legislatively all workplaces are required to have all RCD’s tested every 12 months. This ensures your workplace isn’t at an increased risk of an electrical fire, which can cripple an entire business in the matter of minutes.

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We provide a fully qualified electrician at the price that is lower than our competitors who only provide an individual with a two day testing course. We simply believe it’s not taking the risk of electrocuting one of your employees and many of our clients agree with our philosophy.

What is RCD Testing?

A RCD (Residual Current Device) is a electrical safety device that can either be fixed and or located in your switchboard, power point, or in Portable devices like Safety Switch Boxes

RCD’s (Residual Current Device) Are also Known as Safety Switches. They are designed to detect any anomalies with the electrical flow through the Active and Neutral Wires of a circuit. They will quickly switch off the power should a disruption normally associated with electric shock be detected.

RCD testing or safety switch testing is the process of testing to make sure that if there is a fault on an appliance detected, The RCD will shut off the circuit avoiding any potential injuries or electrocution in your workplace or home.

Different Types of RCDs

Fixed Switchboard RCDs


Portable RCD’s


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