Why is testing your emergency lighting important?

During an emergency or power outage all individuals are required to exit your building and safely meet at the designated muster point. Emergency lighting helps by highlighting the nearest exit. This demonstrates the importance in ensuring your emergency lights are tested regularly (every 6 Months).

Legislatively Emergency lighting testing is mandatory under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2293.2 1995, Maintenance of Emergency And Evacuation Light for Buildings. This standard states that all emergency lighting systems shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with relent procedures specified in the standards.

What will we provide for you?

  1. A licensed electrician to carry out all testing.
  2. Able to make repairs on the spot. This saves you another callout fee for a licensed electrician
  3. Ensure you meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2293.2 1995
  4. Ensuring your emergency lights remain Illuminated for no less than 90 Minutes in an emergency
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