Electrical Testing And Tagging Colour Intervals


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In all sates in Australia the Construction and demolition sites have a testing and tagging requirement for all electrical equipment under AS/NZS 3012:2010.


Office Buildings, Workshops, factories, retail outlets, Hospitality, aged care, schools, hotels, commercial kitchens, have a Testing and tagging requirement and a (RCD) Residual Current device requirement Under 3760:2010.


Mine Operations are under a regulation in the Mines safety and inspection regulations 1995 5.27


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Please find below a image of the colour electrical tags with the months they are valid for





Be Safe Before Christmas


Construction Period for Electrical Testing and Tagging has started the new tag colour is RED December to February. Didn’t take long to find this Defect, A RCD Box that looks like someone has taken a grinder to the casing to wedge the box on the ceiling on the building site